PROFESSIONAL ELIGIBILTY REQUIREMENTS. Professionals must be active PGA members in good standing except Class F and Inactive. Sun Country PGA Apprentices must meet Section eligibility requirements, be enrolled in the PGA-PGM program and be employed full-time in an eligible classification. Apprentices from Other Sections must be enrolled in the PGAPGM program and be employed full-time in an eligible employment.

AMATEUR ELGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS. All amateurs must be 16 years of age or older, in good standing, and have a computerized handicap.  Players who reside in the Sun Country area (New Mexico and El Paso, TX) must be members of the Sun Country Golf Association and have current SCGA handicap cards.  The Tournament Committee reserves the right to adjust handicaps.


The Sun Classic maintains a strict dress code – no jeans, denim or collarless shirts, please.